Narrow beam led spot light wall washer

2018-09-13 - Outdoor Lighting

Using spotlights and floodlights:

When highlighting specific points like display objects, wall artwork, architectural details, or landscape features, use a spotlight. When illuminating larger areas like driveways, stages, warehouses, parking lots, or any other area that needs wide, even light coverage, go with a floodlight.


A high end manufactured spotlight with polished chrome details. The thick backing plate allows you to install the light either on the wall or on the ground. Great for illuminating dark paths or plants and shrubs. With a tilt of 180°, you can direct the head where you want the light placed.IP65 rated – dustproof and protection from jets of water from all directions, perfect for the outdoors. Built-in 10w 5º narrow beam LED lamp. 3000k Warm white, 1000 lumens,100 lumens per watt.


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