Air Purifying Bulb(LED Anion environmental protection lamp)

2018-08-18 - Home lighting, Smart Lighting

Negative Ions?

Particles in the air such as dust, molds, bacteria and the like are positively charged. Negatively charged ions in the air, which can be naturally caused by things like lightning, are attracted to the positively charged particles like magnets. Once these two particles collide they are then neutrally charged and fall to the ground where there is no risk of entering our repertory system while breathing. This natural cleaning process works very well especially in areas where there are fewer pollutants. However, our modern day homes and buildings are designed to be air-tight. This prevents the cleaning process from working. Outside there are more than 2000 negatively charged ions per square inch. Inside, however, there is less than 200. It is easy to understand why then we see so much floating around in that beam of light.

What is the Solution?

It is not likely we will go back to living outdoors. Even if we did, the current problems of pollution and contaminants in our air make this solution ineffective. However, our Anion Light Bulbs are no ordinary light bulbs. While the light is on it is releasing high levels of negatively charged ions into the air which quickly collide with the positively charged particles and neutralize them letting them fall safely to the floor. This prevents them from entering our respiratory system and protects us from dangerous contaminants, germs, and viruses that could bring us harm. Notice this demonstration of how quickly and effectively the Anion Light Bulb works.

Each light bulb is in a separate chamber. Both chambers are filled with cigarette smoke until the bulb is barely visible. Once the light is turned on in just over 15 seconds the chamber containing the Anion Light bulb is completely clear of smoke. This is due to the negatively charged ions released that collided with the smoke particles, neutralized them, and caused them to drop to the chamber floor.

Nowadays, our homes and offices are filled with positive ions generated by TVs, computers, other electrical devices, and harmful building materials. Positive ions are what make us feel tired, depressed and irritable. The negative ions generated from Sea Lamp™ bulbs will remove the positive ions in your home, office, or warehouse and leave the air clean and pleasant


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