LED Wall Washer Light

2018-08-15 - Outdoor Lighting

LED Architectural Lighting

ACCURATES Wall Washer provides uniform indirect lighting that draws attention to a large area, and helps to de-emphasize textures while cleaning up blemishes on vertical surfaces and walls. This Series LED system is also available with different optics to enhance architectural designs of other specific applications


Wall washer lights are becoming increasingly popular as a secondary lighting source and are available in many different styles and finishes. The reel beauty of this type of lighting is that its main function is to wash, or bathe, your walls with the light, allowing you to create exactly the right feel for a room or to accentuate a wall feature or alcove. A wall washer has a number of advantages when compared to the more traditional style of the wall light. The main advantage is that they sit flush to the wall making them ideal for the smaller room or for narrow places such as hallways, as they project far less into space.


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