CCTV Light

2018-08-07 - CCTV Lighting

Surveillance (CCTV)

Infrared Illumination for Camera Systems

Covert light for clear images – infrared illumination for camera systems

Whether wide-range surveillance of parking lots, industrial sites or airports, video cameras in banks or number plate recognition at the gate of a company’s car park – Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) keeps a close watch. Many solutions benefit from adding infrared light. Camera sensors register this radiation which is hardly noticeable to the human eye, producing high-quality images.

Powerful IR LEDS facilitate compact illumination units for video and CCTV systems on an infrared basis. They substantially reduce the cost for packages, optics, reflectors, and production. Accurates  as a led factory with 12 years of export experience,it has a complete R & D, manufacturing, sales, service and the integrity of the supply chain management system, dedicated to providing customers at home and abroad with superior heat dissipation performance and reliable LED lighting.


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